February 15, 2017

Experimenting with Watercolors

I am going through different phases of styles in my journal. It doesn't really matter though does it? I mean, I'm getting in there and creating and trying new things.

I tend to spend a lot of time... too much time looking at art journals. lol! No really, I spend wayyyy to much time on YouTube and Pinterest. Dishes need done, laundry needs done, and I'm watching art journal videos. hahah! I see journal pages and think "Ohh, I like that, let me try it!" That's what happened here. I just wanted to experiment.

I'm totally new to water colors and they seem to be a big topic right now. Watercolor projects look so beautiful don't they? This sounds dumb, but I didn't know until recently that watercolors included things like Distress Ink or certain markers, or certain colored pencils. I thought watercolors were just watercolors you buy in a tube or pan that says "watercolors". lol  I just didn't know because it was something I've never really used or even looked into until recently.

On YouTube, people have demonstrations of how to use Distress Ink as watercolors. Well, I certainly do have Distress Ink so I thought I'd give it a go...

  • This page started out in pencil. I drew the sun, the wording, clouds, etc., all in pencil. 
  • I stamped the Distress Ink pad down flat onto my pallet. The pallet I use is from Michael's. It's made by Strathmore. It's actually called "Strathmore Palette Paper". It's a polycoated surface.
  • I had a glass of water and a regular paint brush. I don't have a watercolor brush.
  • This is not watercolor paper either FYI. It's a regular old sketchpad. The paper curled but I don't care. This was all experimenting.
  • I applied a light coat of water on areas. So I'd wet the area I wanted to add color to first. Then, using my regular (wet) paint brush, I picked up some ink from the palette and applied it to the wet area and moved it out. Once the coat was dry, I went back in with the same color to add some shading.
  • I also used colored pencils over the sun. I don't have orange Distress Ink, so I added some orange and yellow colored pencils over top of the yellow painted sun.
  • The last thing I did was go over the letters with a pen and do some outlining too
This was fun. And it's definitely another way to get more usage out of a product.

Thanks for stopping by!

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