February 15, 2017

Art Journal using a Penny Black Stamp

Ok... I saved the best for last! lol This is my fave journal page I made recently. The more I play around in my journal, the more my style is evolving. Finding your own style can take a loooong time. I don't want to copy anyone. I want to make my own work, and make it for me, you know?

So, here it is....Drum roll please...


Art Journal Page

Ohhhh! I just love it! I couldn't be more happy! There's a nice sized blank space on the left side of the page. I am actually going to do some word journaling in there. I left that space empty on purpose When the time comes that I do that, I'll post an updated pic here. I just had to share it!

The Products I Used & Some of the Techniques:
  • Gesso
  • Gray Acrylic Paint - Actually, its Apple Barrel craft paint from Walmart (really watered down)
  • Pink Acrylic/Craft Paint 
  • Black Acrylic/Craft Paint
  • Texture Paste
  • Stencil
  • Colored Pencils (emphasized the Flower)
  • Black Marker & Black Pen
  • Penny Black Stamp & Black Archival Ink
  • A little bit of Black Archival Inked randomly on the page
  • A water bottle cap dipped in paint 
  • White Paint splattered on the page
It's crazy to me how much money I've spent on expensive products and I'm learning that some of these cheap supplies can achieve nice results. I'm kind of angry that I spent so much money in the past. I've heard a master Artists/Teacher say "it's not about the supplies, it's about mastering the supplies". OMG!! He was so right! Have you ever seen the "cheap supply" YouTube challenges? Check them out! It's eye opening.

Don't get me wrong here, I see a huge difference between cheapie craft paint and artists grade paint such as Golden Fluid Acrylics. But right now, I'm just as happy with the cheap craft paint. I'm not looking to make master work here. I'm looking to have fun and let go. That's what I'm doing this for. I feel like if I have expensive supplies, I'm too afraid to use them. I hoard them really.

Anyway, let go in your journal and have fun today! I promise it will be healing.

Thank you so much for stopping by!XOXO!

Another Autumn Journal Page

Back in the October of 2016 I made a mixed media type of journal page that was Autumn themed. (You can see that Journal Page here: Mother Nature Sees You ) I really liked that page, so I thought I'd make a different version of it.

  1. I started by gluing down book pages first. I know, they really disappeared and you cant see them much.
  2. Gesso went over the top of the pages
  3. Once the gesso was dry, I applied Tim Holtz Distress Paint. The color is Mermaid Lagoon. It's a nice bright happy blue isn't it?
  4. Next, I randomly stamped a script stamp using black Archival Ink
  5. I applied Texture Paste through a Prima Stencil. (That's the crackly shapes in the corners of the page.)
  6. Once the texture paste was dry, I went over the texture paste directly with Stickles
  7. I already had a leaf template from when I did the "Mother Nature Sees You" Journal Page. So, I used that template to trace more leaves onto a manila file folder. 
  8. The leaves were painted with pink craft paint, cut out, and glued to the page
  9. I did somewhat shade around the leaves using a grayish type of acrylic paint.
  10. Of course I had to add little pearl embellishments all over the page. They were glued in place
  11. The quote "Those who don't  believe in magic will never find it" comes from one of Tim Holtz Sticker Books. I glued the sticker to a piece of printer paper before gluing that to the page.
  12. I outlined the piece of paper the sticker was on with more stickles on. I love sparkles!
Here's the left side of the page:

Here's the right side of the page:

Art journal page And that's the 2nd version of the page. Pretty plain and simple, which is OK! I just want to enjoy myself in my creations. Thanks for stopping by!

A quick journal page with a Gelato background

This was a quick journal page....


  1. The background was made using Gelatos.I  do love how nicely pink and yellow blend together. I applied yellow in the center of the page and pink around the edges of the page.
  2. Blend the Gelatos one color at a time using a wet finger. Then blend the colors together where they meet
  3. Seal the Gelatos with gel medium, as Gelatos are not permanent.
  4. I drew the wonky shapes with pencil
  5. Paint the wonky shapes white with Acrylic Paint.
  6.  Go in the wonky shapes with a black marker to make stripes
  7. A water bottle cap was dipped in black acrylic paint and white acrylic paint and stamped onto the page
  8. Add a few dots of black paint in the corners
  9. Last thing- add my quote with Archival Ink "KEEP GOING"
Keep going peeps!!

Thanks for stopping by!! XOXO

Experimenting with Watercolors

I am going through different phases of styles in my journal. It doesn't really matter though does it? I mean, I'm getting in there and creating and trying new things.

I tend to spend a lot of time... too much time looking at art journals. lol! No really, I spend wayyyy to much time on YouTube and Pinterest. Dishes need done, laundry needs done, and I'm watching art journal videos. hahah! I see journal pages and think "Ohh, I like that, let me try it!" That's what happened here. I just wanted to experiment.

I'm totally new to water colors and they seem to be a big topic right now. Watercolor projects look so beautiful don't they? This sounds dumb, but I didn't know until recently that watercolors included things like Distress Ink or certain markers, or certain colored pencils. I thought watercolors were just watercolors you buy in a tube or pan that says "watercolors". lol  I just didn't know because it was something I've never really used or even looked into until recently.

On YouTube, people have demonstrations of how to use Distress Ink as watercolors. Well, I certainly do have Distress Ink so I thought I'd give it a go...

  • This page started out in pencil. I drew the sun, the wording, clouds, etc., all in pencil. 
  • I stamped the Distress Ink pad down flat onto my pallet. The pallet I use is from Michael's. It's made by Strathmore. It's actually called "Strathmore Palette Paper". It's a polycoated surface.
  • I had a glass of water and a regular paint brush. I don't have a watercolor brush.
  • This is not watercolor paper either FYI. It's a regular old sketchpad. The paper curled but I don't care. This was all experimenting.
  • I applied a light coat of water on areas. So I'd wet the area I wanted to add color to first. Then, using my regular (wet) paint brush, I picked up some ink from the palette and applied it to the wet area and moved it out. Once the coat was dry, I went back in with the same color to add some shading.
  • I also used colored pencils over the sun. I don't have orange Distress Ink, so I added some orange and yellow colored pencils over top of the yellow painted sun.
  • The last thing I did was go over the letters with a pen and do some outlining too
This was fun. And it's definitely another way to get more usage out of a product.

Thanks for stopping by!

It's been a while..

It's been a while since I've posted on my blog. I'm just lazy as heck lol. I have been creating little pieces of art here and there and I'm going to share them all on my blog today, probably in multiple posts.

The first thing I want to share is this little lady. She doesnt look like much does she? Why did I make her on tissue paper? Well, I dont really know lol. I was just kind of experimenting with things I had and am working on people and faces and finding my style.

I've seen people in YouTube videos, particularly honeybunnyJIJI make people on tissue paper, cut them out and incorporate them into journal pages. Here's a link to her youtube site: HunnybunnyJIJI  I just looooove all of her pages! Creating on tissue paper kind of took the pressure off. I had tissue paper in the hallway closet to be used in gift bags.Who cares if it didn't go very well on tissue paper?

I haven't put her into a journal page yet but I will eventually. Don't mind the messy blob of paint. I just wanted to share this practicing stage. Practice makes perfect right?

I used colored pencils on her and am practicing hair. Hair is hard! I like that she's cartoon like so there's no need for a realistic face. I I know it's hard to see some of the features so I should definitely outline her.

I really like this cartoon type style. I cant wait to get more people in my journal! Get in there and practice!