July 10, 2016

I was born to be awesome, not perfect

Oh my goodness yall...I am a little upset with the way this turned out. Although I do adore the quote I WAS BORN TO BE AWESOME, NOT PERFECT, I'm still a bit disappointed in the end. I said I'd share my pages even if I didnt love them. And I did learn a few things on this page which will help me in the future.

Here's a few things I learned while doing this page:
  1. Not to plan too meticulously or you'll be disappointed
  2. Gel Medium can leave somewhat of a shine (I''ll be getting Matte Medium soon)
  3. Be careful when using black on top of yellow. It's hard to make these colors work together
  4. Yes, you can have too much black
I was born to be awesome, not perfect:

Art Journal Page
Art Journal Page
  • The background is watercolor crayons/gelatos. I do love the the green and yellow background
  • I went around the outside of the page with the page with a block stencil and black archival ink
  • I also used Tim Holtz letter stencil and distress ink randomly
  • A bottle cap was stamped with black and white paint.
  • I outlined the block stencil with a black marker. You can see going around the page the big thick black line. Believe me, it looked so much better without it.
  • Finishing the page was important, so I continued with the crazy bird which is so cute in pink! I added a smile to his face. haha!
  • The quote was added
  • A circle stamp with black Archival Ink

Left Page

Right Page

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I like it! The black line around the edge, in my opinion, gives it depth. It looks almost like you're looking through a portal or a window at a little scene. I'm not sure if I'm explaining it right, but hopefully you understand what I mean. And love the bird. I love those TH crazy birds! I have a small set, but not that one. And I love the saying, too. I need to do something like this for my office wall at work since we (half jokingly) say we are The Awesome Dept. :)