May 9, 2016

Find This Life-Art Journal using Dylusions

Art Journal Page using a free printable; mixed media style

Mixed media art journal page
Art Journal Page
I've looked everywhere to share the link for this free heart printable. I can't find it anywhere! If anyone knows who shared the heart image, please let me know so I can post a link. Gotta give credit to them! It was a bunch of hearts inside of a jar and I cut the hearts out.

This shows you can really put anything on your journal pages. You can use coloring book pages, magazines, book pages, pictures, printed text, literally anything that will fit

I didn't take any pics while in the making because I had no idea where this was going when I started. It just kind of came together over a few days of working at it little by little. 
The background is Dylusions Spray Inks. I recently did a product review on these you can check out here...
Click Here For Product Review Dylusions Ink Spray Review

Products Used: Free printable, Dylusions Spray Ink, markers, a paint pen, archival ink, distress ink, colored pencils, gel pen, glue, stamps, stencils, card stock, and rub-ons. 

#artjournal page
mixed media art journal page

Anyone who visits my posts knows, it can take me a few days to finish a journal page. I'm not in a rush for one thing. Sometimes I NEED to step away, or I get too scatterbrained. I can keep my body still, but not my mind. My mind goes and goes and GOES. A million ideas can flood my mind but my hands can't keep up. My own thoughts can't keep up with the thoughts. It's exhausting. I have to walk away or I'll work myself to death trying to keep up with my thoughts. (We do have a name for this... its called anxiety.)

That being said, I am slowly figuring out how to balance my mind and art, by taking my time on pages. If you need to step away to recoup, by all means, do it. We all have our own way here. Nothing is wrong with doing what works for you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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