May 9, 2016

Dylusions Ink Spray Description & Tips (from an honest artist)

Dylusions Ink Spray
Ok, most of us in the crafting world, or mixed media world have heard of Dylusions Spray Ink. For those of you that haven't, spray ink is literally dye ink in a bottle. Instead of the ink being in an ink pad, its in a bottle. It's non-toxic, and perfect for use on a porous surface. 

Some examples of porous surfaces include paper, cardstock, untreated wood, and cardboard. These objects have pores or empty spaces that allow outside matter, such as water, air, ink, or paint to penetrate beyond the outer surface. Porous means that fluid can pass through.

Examples of nonporous are glass, metal, or plastic. No fluid can seep through those objects. If you sprayed the Dylusions Spray Ink on a plastic bottle, the ink will not penetrate the plastic. It would just run off.

 You do not need to be a "professional" artist to use Dylusions Spray Ink with success. Anyone  can use these. These are fool proof! It takes no effort to use these. A background can be complete in less than a few minutes! That scary blank page can be covered pretty darn quickly. That's what's great about these,  they are really perfect for beginners and seasoned artists. Dyan has made art journaling fun and really took the stress of perfection out for me.

My favorite things about this product is the absolutely awesome gorgeous color! Not only is the color gorgeous, it's very bold, bright, and concentrated.  If you've ever made a background using ink from the pad, you know it can really take time to build up those layers. It's easy to build up layers with spray ink compared ink from the pad. You can go back and spritz again to add more color if you so desire.

Links to Youtube demos are at the bottom of this post
  1. Get out your spray inks and give it a good swirl. You can swirl the ink by holding the bottle upright in your hand and moving your wrist in a circular motion. Dyan suggests storing these products on its side FYI.
  2. Mist your page with a few sprays of water (key word is MIST
    • If you plan on using more than one color, you more than likely want the colors to be blended right? The water helps the colors blend. You do not have to use water. Water just helps the colors come together so you don't have big blotches of color.
    • You can buy a mister or spray bottle at Walmart, the $1.00 store, or Amazon.
  3. Start with one bottle/color at a time, select which color you'd like to start with
  4. Take the cap off the bottle
  5. Push your finger on the nozzle and spray onto your paper where you desire.
    • The closer the nozzle is to the page, the smaller the covered area
    • The farther away the nozzle is from the page, the larger the color coverage
  6. Choose your second color and spray where desired
  7. You can stop after step 3 or keep going with color. Dyan always uses three colors on her pages. 
  8. Once all the color is on, Dyan typically sprays another mist of water over the page. She uses a lot of ink so there is a ton left over floating on top. She uses tags or the page next to the one she's working on to "mop up" the left overs. 
  9.  Lastly, you can roll a roll of paper towel over your page, or just go ahead and dry it then. You can air dry, or use a heat gun or blow dryer. You need to make sure the page is dry at this step. You can go back and add more color but you need to dry one layer at a time.
Tips & Notes
  1. Dylusions sprays can be messy
    • To avoid the mess, spray inside a box
    • Using a wet rag, or anything WET to clean up the area will reactivate the ink. Dyan always has paper towels nearby and cleans up the ink with other tags, or the paper towels
  2. These are not fully permanent when dry 
    •  Anything wet will reactive the ink
    •  Seal your piece of work when you're done if you want
  3. If it just so happens you sprayed too much WATER instead of a mist, mop it up with a paper towel 
  4. I've never had an experience when Dylusions didn't seep somehow. It's seeped through the paper by going down through the spine, or leaking onto the page behind the page I'm working on.  
    • Dyan's journal works best with Dylusions. The paper is REALLY thick and sturdy. It was made to go with her products. If I use that journal, I only have an issue with ink going into the spine. But that may not interfere with anything you do in your journal. If you watch Dyan's youtube videos, it doesn't make any difference for her. It all works into her style.
    •  If you are working in a journal that has a book bound type of spine, or is sewn in the spine, such as Dyan's Journal, you can tape down the center of the page using masking tape before starting.
    • If you are using a ring bound paper pad or journal such as the Canson Pad, the spray can seep through the ring holes onto below pages. I've learned to use masking tape close to the ring binding to avoid this.
    • To prevent the ink from seeping onto the page behind the one you're working on, glue two pages together.
    • Keep in mind the paper you are using. I've heard people say they've never had any seepage when they used watercolor paper. (I use a Canson Mixed Media Journal, and the Dylusions Journal) 
  5. To ensure you get the most out of your product, use tags, inchies, twinchies, and other journal pages as mop up pages
  6.  Store ink sprays on their side instead of standing upright

Here are a few pics and links to the pages I've created using Dylusions Spray Inks:
  1. You can see in the first picture (remember this feeling) a big blob of blue color right in the center of the page. That's because I didn't mist with water when I applied all my color.
  2. The second journal page (smoke) I didn't mist with water because purple scares me lol. Purple is not my color. I was afraid to add water and the purple seep and I'd get mud. The colors blended well together here without that last spritz of water.
  3. By the last page, (find this life) you can see everything is blended together nicely, and that time I did spritz water over the top once all my colors were on.

Remember This Feeling....
Find This Life...

If you look closely at two of the pages, the ink goes all the way under the ring binding. It looks better no doubt, but, this is where I learned I need to put a piece of tape down because the ink leaked down through the ring holes onto other pages.  

Good results come from understanding the product you are using. It's the same with gelatos, colored pencils, acrylic paint, anything! I could figure out a solutions to the few problems I ran into, such as using masking tape near the binding, and gluing two pages together when I have cheaper paper. I just love how easy these are, and how pretty it turns out. I will always keep these on board and think they are a great product for a beginner.
If you would like to learn more about these sprays and techniques, here are links...
  1. Dyan Reaveley's Youtube channel - .Dyan Reaveley Youtube 
  2. Here is another video by Rangerink demonstrating Dylusions Sprays - Dylusions Techniques
Hope this helps!

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