April 30, 2016

Darling, you are a work of art

Art Journal Page using gelatos, stamps, stencils, distress ink, texture paste, and embellishments

Art Journal Page
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1. Creative Artiste Mixed Media Challenges.
2. The Artistic Stamper
3.Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenges

 I'm very happy with the way this turned out. I love this page! Below is a list of steps I took to complete the page.
1. I started by gluing old book pages down with Faber-Castel gel medium. Once dry, I added a layer of watered down gesso. 

2. On the background, I started with yellow Gelatos in the center of the page. Then added both of the pink Gelatos you see in the above picture around the outside of the pages blending one color at a time with a baby wipe. 

3.Later I went around the outside of the page with Seedless Preserves Distress Ink. 

4.Vintage Photo Distress Ink was applied through a Prima Stencil. 

5.I stamped a script stamp randomly on the page using vintage photo distress ink.

I think this background is absolutely beautiful!! I was scared to add anything to it. 

6.I added a layer of gel medium over top of this gelato and distress ink background, because neither of those are permanent. 

7.Once that was dry, I used a Tim Holtz stencil and Ranger Texture Paste. (that's the white numbers popping off the page)

8.The flowers were found online as a free printable

9. The flowers and leaves were colored with colored pencils purchased at the dollar store. 

10. I really liked the colors, but wanted the flowers to be a bit more vibrant, so I added the same pink Gelatos I used on the background to the flowers. A tiny bit of green Gelatos was put on the leaves as well. I didn't use a baby wipe to blend here. I used my fingers. 

11. Little embellishments are so attractive to me. You can see in the corners pearls were glued down.

12. The final touch on the background was white paint splatters. Dilute white paint with a bunch of water.  Swirl your brush around, and then splatter all over the page. 

13.The metal piece/hardware on the right page is a Tim Holtz product. A small amount of gesso was applied to it so it has a faded distressed look. You could use white paint as well.

Art Journal Page
14. The quote behind the hardware is from Tim Holtz stickers quote book. I cut it in pieces, then glued it to a piece of paper that would fit behind the hardware. The quote is sweet! It says "Darling, you are a work of art". I also distressed around the quote with Vintage Photo Distress Ink.

Art Journal Page
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April 17, 2016

Spring is in the air...

Spring/Flowers/Vintage/Mixed Media Art Journal Page

Spring Art Journal Page
Art Journal Page
I took my good ol' time on this Journal Page. It took about a week to finish. Everyone's creative process is different. At some point I usually have to step away for a little bit. The room I have all my craft stuff in doesn't have a TV or anything (yet). As much as I love art journaling, it gets a little too quiet and lonely in that room at times.

Left Page
Right Page

I don't have any pics of the journal page while I was creating it.  Some days I worked on this for 10 minutes. Other days I worked on it for 30. Total time was probably 2.5 hours. 
Steps I took are below:
1. Glue old book pages
2. Gesso over the book pages using water to thin out the gesso
3. Paint the page using cheap craft paint (under $1.00/bottle at Walmart)
4. Randomly stamp with script stamp and black Archival Ink (this was stamped twice on scrap paper before stamping in the book. I wanted a faded look)
5. Inkadinkado Stamp and black Archival Ink at 2 corners (I had to color these in with marker. It just wouldn't stamp clean and crisp)
6. Using a makeup sponge, stencil randomly with Prima Netting Stencil and Vintage Photo Distress Ink
7. Stamp the diamond pattern with Black Archival Ink
8. Dip a water bottle cap in white paint and stamp
9. Ranger Texture Paste through a Tim Holtz tiny circle stencil
10. Vintage Photo Distress Ink around the edge of the pages
11. Draw Flowers (draw 1 leaf, cut it out. Retrace the leaf over and over around a circle)
12. Vintage Photo Distress Ink around the flowers
13. Glue pearls to flowers
14. Glue Flowers to page
15. Using Black Archival Ink, stamp quote onto ivory paper and distress the paper with Vintage Photo Distress Ink
16. Cut out black cardstock a little bit bigger than the paper the quote is on
17. Glued cardstock to journal page
18. Glued quote to cardstock

19. Glued more pearls 
mixed media journal page
Mixed media art journal page


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April 2, 2016

First Try At A Face

I'm sharing this face is because someone sent me a sweet comment on my Cat in the hat Journal Page They said they loved it and wished they could create something so pretty. (Thanks for the love dear heart!)  

The whole reason I started this blog is to show my art journal, whether I love the work or not.  Up until this point, I've only shared the pages I like, or the pages I thought were good enough to share. That isn't the reason I started this blog. The reason I started this blog was to inspire, share my work, connect with people, and grow.I also want people that are scared of getting involved in art that it's all a learning process.

There are millions of people starting to art journal with no clue what to do. Or, there are a million people that are too scared to get into that paint and make a mistake. Fear of a mistake is a HUGE reason why people don't start something.

Listen yall, this is an art journal. A mistake or mishap is not that serious. If I'm not satisfied with my work, guess what? I can just turn the page!!!! Yea! I wish I could put an emoji in here so you know I'm smiling while writing this.

Below Is My First Face

I'm  proud of myself for finishing her. This was the first face I've ever done. I do need practice and I will continue to practice. But for the first try, its not so shabby, eh? They make it look so damn easy in the youtube videos though!!  

One thing I need to work on is figuring out what products work best for me doing faces. I've seen people use colored pencils, gesso, neocolors, paint, and every other product on the market for their faces. I want to figure out what works best for me and not use the exact same products someone else is using.

As for supplies, I used what I had on hand. I have a ton of supplies and don't want to buy anymore for a while. I used mostly all acrylic paint, colored pencil, a gel pen, a bic pen, and a little bit of gelatos.

mixed media face

I have to admit, there was a time I wanted to quit, rip the page out, and throw it in the garbage.  But I persevered yall! It took me about a half hour just to get the face on paper using a pencil. I kept drawing and erasing, drawing and erasing because I was obsessed with getting the eyes just perfect. They didn't turn out perfect anyway lol.

I definitely learned a few things doing this:
  1. I work better with small pieces
  2. Keep the paint wet so it's easier to blend when shading
  3. No face is perfectly symmetrical, its OK to have uneven eyes
  4. Step away when you get frustrated
  5. Be careful with then pen you use to outline. Some of these pens are not waterproof. If you decide to go back and clean a few things up, the ink will leak.
  6. Practice will make this process easier
Once I finished the face, I decided to leave the rest of the page alone. I will go back later and finish the page. I tend to work in segments. Its just my way. I am absolutely going to continue working with faces and finding my style.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay positive and give it a go!