March 15, 2016

Crazy Bird Art Journal Page

Art Journal Page Mixed Media Style

This is one of those art journal pages that I let go and had fun doing. I am such a perfectionist, and such a type A personality. Those personality traits really effect me when I go to my art journal. Nothing is wrong with wanting things a certain way, and being tidy. But when perfection is the obsession, the fun part of art journaling can quickly go down the drain. I'm learning little by little to let goooooo.....& embrace the process.

I got into art journaling as a hobby; something fun to do. I was also looking for an outlet to the stresses of everyday life. A goal of mine is to push aside the critic and perfectionist in me. I don't want to push it out 100%, I'm just working towards a balance.

Somehow I let go and enjoyed myself. I don't really know how it happened. I just went with it! I don't care if its not perfect. I love how it turned out! These crazy birds are my fave! Ten years from now when Tim Holtz comes out with new stamps, I'll still be using these crazy birds lol

mixed media art journal page
Art Journal Page
I did not take pics of the process. Below are a the steps and materials used on the page. I'm trying to keep the description below as simple as possible so you can do it too. Sometimes too many details can be confusing. 

  1. Gesso coat
  2. Gelatos applied and blended with a damp finger
  3. Stamped with Distress Inks and Archival Ink (that's the brick stamp and faint bubbles)
  4. Stenciled using paint (that's the white circles on the page)
  5. Stenciled using Archival Ink (that's the arrows)
  6. Stamped words on printer paper
  7. Cut out words, inked, glued to page
  8. Stamped Crazy Bird
  9. Inked Crazy bird with Distress Ink
  10. Cut crazy bird and glued to page
  11. Border with acrylic paint


  1. Thank you for sharing you method. It's a big help to someone new to this Bobbie.

    1. Absolutely Denise! Thank you for the thank you!