January 29, 2016

No Creative Mojo

I'm either flooded with a million ideas and can't get it all out fast enough, or I have no ideas at all. Even when I have no ideas, my hands still want to create. 

For about two weeks I was in a no mojo flow. Meaning, for two weeks I could not create if my life depended on it. My hands wanted to move, but my mind wouldn't let them. I started feeling like I'm not an artist. I started feeling like I was wasting my time, as well as my money.
I got stuck watching youtube videos and blog hopping. After doing that for a while, I got down on myself, thinking- whats wrong with me? These people can create new projects all the time, why cant I? Why don't my creations turn out like that? Many Artists are able to sit in front of a camera to record a video never making a mistake. I was feeling really bad about myself and my inability to create something. The more I saw other people creating, the worse I felt. Youtube was not helping. 

At times I literally sat at my craft table starring at my supplies with not one idea coming to mind. I was putting gesso on blank pages just to move my hands. I'd look through my supplies thinking I need new supplies in order to create-which I don't. Someone could walk into my craft room, and never run out of options with my supplies. When I had that thought, I realized everyone's vision and ideas are different...

I could hand someone a purple bottle of paint. I could ask that Individual how many ideas come to mind from this one color? One person could have 30 ideas. Another person may have 2. Another person may not have any. Nothing would be wrong with any of those answers.

The light went on! I realized nothing is wrong with me. My creative process is my creative process. It's OK to be in a stump. It's OK to dislike something I made. It's OK to sit at my craft table and draw little hearts until something comes to mind; if anything comes to mind. It's OK to scribble paint on a piece of  paper to just get the paint out!!

It took me two weeks to get out of this stump. One day while sitting at my craft table, I started cutting manila file folders for no reason other than I wanted to use my hands to create. I ended up putting paint down in any color I chose. Now, I am seriously type A personality. Any of you who know us type A's, know we don't pick things randomly. We pick in a specific fashion which fits into our perfect little plan. 

Anyway, I ended up creating these two little things out of file folders below. And you know what? I'm damn proud of myself for not throwing those away and thinking they're junk. I'm damn proud of myself for FINISHING! I'm proud of myself for being proud! This is part of MY creative process and I'm learning to embrace it....

 Are these anything spectacular? No. But, for me, this was the hardest project I've ever done!!!!

I'm sharing all of this to tell anyone who struggles like me, or goes through a no mojo period and gets down on themselves and their creations-You are an artist. Nothing is wrong with you if you get in a stump. Nothing is wrong with you if you don't like your project. Don't give up. Embrace the process you're in. Allow yourself the time to step away if that's what you need. Do what works for you in YOUR journey. We have to remember art is about being creative in whatever form/style YOU like. YOUR ART SHOULD BE YOU!!!

I think I just figured out right now there is no rule book to follow for art. 
We make it up as we go.


  1. I found your blog through Pinterest, and I've not been able to leave since! :) I LOVE your art and I'm learning so much. (I'm rather new to this art journaling thing.) But this post really resonated with me. I literally sat up in my chair and dropped my jaw because it felt like you were speaking directly to me. In the first part, you totally nailed some of the things I've been feeling and saying to myself recently! So THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts and your conclusion. I find your words comforting and encouraging. So many times, bloggers don't get a response or comments and start wondering why bother doing it any more, so I felt compelled to make a comment here (I hate to admit I'm bad not to post comments) to let you know DON'T STOP!

    1. Thanks so much Tish! I'm so happy it touched you! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and hop over here. Lots of love to you!