January 26, 2016

Art Journal Page

Happy 2016 yall!!! (a little bit late)
Art journal page
Art Journal Page
I am starting to realize art journaling can be an expensive hobby. I guess it depends on the products you like, and what suits your ideas. I wanted to make a journal page using my basic products and few little extras. I used what I had in my stash here.
  • Mustard yellow paint on the page first. Then I went around the edges with brown paint (all paint was less than .59 a bottle at Walmart)
  • Red and black paint was applied with a makeup sponge on a Tim Holtz Stencil
 NOTE: Stencils are an excellent investment in art journaling because you can use them over and over for years!
  • A water bottle cap dipped in white craft paint and stamped
  • One grid stamp with black Archival Ink
  • The balloons were hand-drawn, painted black, cut out, and glued to the page
  • I glued black and white string to the page
  • I used a white gel pen to add highlights to the balloons, and shaded around the balloons with a brown marker.
  • Sheet of Self Adhesive foam letters painted and glued to the page
  • Sheet of bling dots 

Most all of these supplies listed will last me well over a year. Paint, Archival Ink, a stencil, a stamp, and glue are products that I will use until there is no more left, or I literally cant use it anymore.  Well, all of the products and supplies will be used until there is no more left lol.

Paint, stencils and stamps are basic staples for me. In my art journal, these are my basic products. If you have $20.00 to spare, you can get a few bottles of paint at Walmart or Michael's, a pack of stencils, and a stamp. Michael's always has coupons for something like 25% off one product. Michael's and Joannes always have a clearance section for stamps too. You don't have to buy the big name brand stuff either. I've found stencils for $1.00. The stamp I used on this page was a $3.00 stamp on clearance at Michael's.

Your style may be different than mine. Your go-to supplies could consist of a stetchbook and watercolor, or even glue and magazine pages. Its all good! It's your art journal, you can put whatever you want in there. The possibilities are endless when it comes to a blank page. Just get down and dirty and give it a go! You can do it!

Art Journal Page

Happy 2016 everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

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